4 Times you don’t Need to Call a Professional for Appliance Repair

When an appliance stops working, it is a matter of great urgency. But not every appliance problem needs professional repair services. In fact, in most cases, the fixes are very simple and take only a few minutes. So, before you pick the phone to call your appliance repair guy, try these quick and easy fixes. Even when nothing is wrong, simple maintenance and repair tips will help you keep your appliances working smoothly.

1. Washing Machine with a Bad Odor. More common then you believe, a smelly washer is a problem that worries everyone at some point. A washer with a bad odor simply fails the purpose of an appliance. This issue is more common in front load washing machines. If you are facing this problem and your washing machine is leaving a bad odor, here is a quick solution for you: Take two cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Then run an empty washer cycle with hot water. The natural solution will remove the smell and also clean and disinfect your washing machine. To avoid getting your washing machine smelly, open the door of the washer for some time after a wash cycle.

2. Fridge Not Cooling Enough. A fridge’s job is to cool. If your fridge is not cooling enough, this can be a problem. Another great concern is that in such a fridge, the food may spoil before you realize it. While most of the problems in a fridge may need expert services, there are a few issues that you can resolve on your own. You can solve one of the most recurrent reasons behind insufficient cooling with ‘cleaning.’ the coils on the back of the unit may need cleaning, or the fridge itself (body) may need cleaning. To do this, first, unplug the appliance. Now, move it away from the wall and vacuum the coils. It is also a good time to give your fridge a thorough cleaning. Once everything is done, start the fridge and monitor the cooling. If the cooling is back … Congratulations … you solved your problem and fixed it yourself! If it still doesn’t work, call professionals for help.

3. Stove Burner Not Lighting. When you click the igniter on your stove, it is supposed to start/ignite the burner. However, if the igniter clicks without burning the stove, there is a problem. This may happen very commonly. If you recently had a spill of boiling liquid on the stove, you may get this problem. Another reason is that the igniter may be dirty. First, check that the cap of the burner is in its place. You may also want to check its alignment. Check the igniter. If it is dirty, clean it by first removing the burner cap and them wiping away the debris. A metal pin can help you in removing dirt and debris deposits from the grooves of the burner cap.

4. Washer is Shaking Every time. A washing machine may shake when it is overloaded. But if your washer is shaking or wobbling every time, there can be a problem. Sometimes, besides shaking, the washer will not clean the clothing effectively. Here are some things that can help. First, if your washer starts shaking a lot all of a sudden, check if the plumb is still in place. If the unit is out of a plumb connection, you need to fix it before restarting the washer. Another common problem is the washer is not in balance. For fixing this, rearrange your laundry in the washer. When the clothes are evenly distributed, it becomes more balanced. If none of these fixes solves the problem, you may have a bigger concern. For instance, there may be a problem with the motor of the washer. Now is the time to call a professional for repairing the washer.

Maintain an appliance is easier and cheaper than repairing one. While it is inevitable that an appliance will have some kind of problem after frequent use, these quick fixes will help you in solving the common issues. Need more tips for appliance repair? Keep following this space for useful information and actionable tips.

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