Fridge makes an usual sound

Unusual sounds. All refrigerator models have a compressor that delivers cold freon into the main fridge and freezer. When this part breaks, there may be strange sounds when it is turned on or off. The refrigerator may still continue to freeze, but a rumble from where the compressor is located is a bad sign. You should immediately call a technician. Please note, however, that compressor repair is not cheap, as the technician is required to replace the compressor and replenish freon into the system. Often, the cost of this service can be close to the cost of a new refrigerator.
The sound may be caused by a malfunction in the damper, which opens and closes the supply of cold air. The damper has a motor and a mechanical mechanism. A refrigerator can work with a damper that squeaks or creaks, but not for long, as the creaking part will eventually jam, and repairs will be needed. There are other causes of noise and rumbles in refrigerators, but they will be discussed in the following topics.

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