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GE Household Appliance repair and Installation Service in Winnipeg Manitoba/

General Electric (GE) is one of the most trusted and reliable appliance brands in the world. GE appliances are designed to last for years and provide high performance and quality. However, even the best appliances can experience problems over time due to wear and tear, misuse, or faulty parts. When you need GE appliance repair in Winnipeg, you need a professional and experienced service provider who can handle any issue with your GE appliances.

At Appliance Repair Proline in Winnipeg, we are your best choice for GE appliance repair in Winnipeg. Our a team of skilled and certified technicians who can repair all types of GE appliances, including dishwashers, stoves, ovens, fridges, washers, and dryers. We offer same-day service, affordable rates, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Technicians also use only original GE parts and components to ensure the quality and durability of our repairs.

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ProLine offers reliable, same-day appliance repair services in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas! Our customer support line is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

We provide discounts for first our customers. Senior discount- $35 off for repair and new customer discount -$25 off for appliance repair and installation. We offering Winnipeg Service Call $75 before tax.

Here are some of the common GE appliance problems that we can fix:

GE Dishwasher Repair

If your GE dishwasher is not cleaning properly, leaking water, making loud noises, or not draining, we can help. Appliance Repair Proline Technicians can diagnose and repair any problem with your GE dishwasher, such as faulty pumps, valves, hoses, filters, spray arms, or control boards. We can also replace any damaged or worn-out parts to restore your dishwasher to its optimal condition.

GE Stove and Oven Repair

If your GE stove or oven is not heating up, not turning on, sparking, or displaying error codes, we can help. We can troubleshoot and fix any issue with your GE stove or oven, such as defective elements, burners, igniters, thermostats, sensors, or timers. We can also install new parts if needed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your cooking appliance.

GE Fridge Repair

If your GE fridge is not cooling enough, freezing food, leaking water, making strange noises, or not running at all, we can help. Our professional Technicians can repair any problem with your GE fridge, such as faulty compressors, fans, motors, thermostats, gaskets, or ice makers. We can also perform regular maintenance to keep your fridge in top shape and prevent future breakdowns.

GE Washer Repair

If your GE washer is not spinning, agitating, filling, draining, or leaking water, we can help. Technicians can fix any problem with your GE washer, such as broken belts, couplers, switches, valves, pumps, or hoses. Appliance Repair Proline Technicians can also replace any worn-out or damaged parts to ensure the proper functioning and performance of your washing machine.

GE Dryer Repair

If your GE dryer is not heating up, tumbling clothes, starting up, or shutting off properly, we can help. We can repair any problem with your GE dryer, such as faulty heating elements, thermostats, fuses, motors, or timers. We can also install new parts if necessary to ensure the drying quality and efficiency of your dryer.

At Appliance Repair Proline, we are committed to providing you with the best GE appliance repair service in Winnipeg. We have the skills, experience, and tools to handle any GE appliance problem you may have. We also offer a free estimate, a warranty on our repairs, and a friendly customer service. Don’t let a broken GE appliance ruin your day. Call us today at (204) 899-7590 or visit our website at to book your appointment. We are available from Monday to Saturday to serve you.

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