When buy a Dishwasher

After buying a dishwasher, it is important to read the user manual before pressing the start button. The instructions indicate basic precautions and how to use the dishwasher correctly. A common mistake is that users place dishes in the machine that have large portions of food left on them. While there are filters that protect the main parts of the dishwasher from debris, leftover food can still get into the pump and/or clog filters and the charging hose, negatively affecting the quality of the wash.
Repairing a food-clogged dishwasher takes consider is time-consuming. First, you need to turn off the electricity and water. Then, remove the dishwasher completely from the wall , and lay it on its side. After repair, everything must be repeated. If you need to order a new part, then pulling and installation is done twice. Technicians do not leave dishwashers disassembled, as it is not safe for the client.
After the dishwasher is installed, there is always a risk that a water leak may occur. You need to be especially careful about leaks immediately after installation. If water appears under or near the dishwasher, shut off the water supply, turn off the power switch, and call a technician to diagnose and eliminate the water leak. Water leakage can occur for various reasons, and only a qualified technician can accurately find and eliminate the cause.

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